Train Correctly to Prevent Injury

Train Correctly to Prevent Injury

Training injuries happen to the best of us, but many of them can be avoided by doing our resistance training and cardio exercises correctly. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t hurt yourself and set back your progress building muscle.

Don’t neglect certain muscles

One major cause of training injuries is focusing too heavily on an isolated muscle or muscle group without training the muscles nearby that stabilize it. For example, if what you really want are huge, ripped biceps, you might double up on your biceps training while neglecting your triceps. This is a big mistake. Training the two muscle groups evenly will allow them to support each other and protect you from injury.

Use the right equipment

Using the right equipment can make the difference between an effective workout and one that ends in injury. A classic example is wear

ing running shoes for running—walking shoes won’t cut it. Running requires a certain level of support that other shoes don’t provide, and wearing the wrong shoes can result in injuries to your knees, shins, ankles or feet.


If you do get injured

Take a dose of NSAID pain relievers, put some ice wrapped in a towel on the injury, and take it easy on that area until you are fully healed.

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