Top 8 Best Most Effective Pectoral Exercises

Speaking with fitness uworkfit community, we conclude that one of the problems that many people in the formation of chest muscles do not feel their breasts enough work. They feel as if they were his triceps those who make the greatest effort and work for the realization of exercises for pectoral

First keep a better understanding of the chest muscles

Before discussing the best options for pectoral exercises it is necessary to examine the different muscles that make up your chest. The breast is composed of two muscles – the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor.

The pectoralis major is a large fan-shaped muscle that attaches to the breast bone (in the middle of your chest) and clavicle. The important thing here is to understand that in order to work the muscle, we have to do to shrink along the length of the muscle fibers.

So because it is important both attached to the sternum and collarbone, we have two types of exercises for pectoarles order to fully develop. I’ll make a list of the best exercises for both functions chest back in the post.

The thing to remember is that you need an exercise that causes the muscle to contract towards the center of the chest and another to do it to shrink up to the collarbone.

Many people have the false impression that the upper chest is a different muscle (pectoralis minor). In fact, this is completely untrue. The CPE minor is a thin muscle under the large pectoral. Its main function is to carry the shoulder and arm down.

Here are the best exercises for lower pectorals

Dips or funds in parallel By far the best exercise for the lower pectoral fibers, allowing the greatest amount of weight used.


Dumbbell bench press – Build your strength with the bench before giving them a chance.


Bench Press Olympic bar – Do not widen your elbows at your sides. They instead point at the angle of 45 degrees towards the feet.


Crossover cable – Those are only for advanced students at first because you can not really flex your pecs.


Dumbbell Fly – Same as re crossover cable is recommended to do after receiving heavy workouts with the bench press.

The best exercises upper chest muscle or upper chest

Incline bench press. Like a normal bench press, but made on a slope. Do not lower the bar to your chest. Lower until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Do not do it unless 5-6 repetitions.

Dumbbell Bench Press: you this once you feel stronger by the inclined bench press bar.

Inclined Dumbbell Fly: Of these, only after receiving a steep incline bench press with dumbbells.

Many coaches say it again and again, if you know and understand the basics of how something works, is more likely to succeed in doing so. This is no different fitness. Understanding exactly what is working to perform an exercise that puts you in a different mindset and you know how you can actually push. I hope you benefit from the tips above and build those muscles of the chest that you’ve tried to accomplish.

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