Tips for getting started in running

The runnig is a word of English origin that means to run, this physical activity is related to the competitions of races like the athletics or maraton right now is the sport of the moment many people are practicing it, not only because it allows them to relax but because it is a Sport that can be practiced outdoors, does not merit many expenses and is extremely healthy. Today we will give you some tips that you should know when starting to practice this sport:

Before starting the running it is very advisable that you make a medical checkup to evaluate your physical and health conditions.
You should look for the appropriate shoe and clothing for the practice of this exercise. Start by heating your muscles and doing stretching exercises for 10 minutes.

When you are ready to train, start slowly and then increase your speed, we warn you not to abuse, your physical performance will increase as you go running and be consistent in your workouts.
Find a group of friends who practice this sport so that together they can share training ideas and also share information about when marathons are held in your city.
Make the runnign a daily routine that does not exceed 20 minutes.
Remember that to train running you must be well fed in a healthy way, and you should also consume dietary supplements that help you regenerate your muscles and energies fast.
As you can see runnig is an easy to practice and healthy sport because it not only keeps our circulation active, but also helps maintain our healthy physical appearance, also helps bone formation and prevents osteoporosis

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