Tips for Creating Your Perfect Home Gym- Part III: the Other Stuff

Tips for Creating Your Perfect Home Gym- Part III: the Other Stuff

Even though you have the space for your home gym picked out and you’re filling it with weights, there are a few other things you need to really make your home gym perfect.

Floor mats

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To protect your floors and your joints, you really need some high quality floor mats in your home gym.

Wall mirror

This is optional, but it’s nice to have a big mirror on the wall to check your form (and admire the results of your hard work, of course).


gym bench

A good starting point would be at least one flat and one incline bench. There are adjustable benches that go from flat to incline, also. However, some exercises are really better with two flat benches (weighted triceps dip, for example). In a perfect world I would say two flat benches, one incline and one decline bench.

Pull up bar

Pull ups are a fantastic exercise and are challenging even without added weight. Adding a pull up bar to your home gym is easy; many over the door models are available, as long as your doorframe is sturdy.


Music can be really motivating and get you pumped up enough to power through those last reps when your muscles are screaming at you. Whether it’s a full blown sound system, an o ld radio or your iPod with headphones, having some tunes will make your home gym a lot more fun.

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