Tips for Creating Your Perfect Home Gym- Part I: the Space

Tips for Creating Your Perfect Home Gym- Part I: the Space

For some people, having their gym at home makes them more likely to stick to their workout routines and as a result, get better muscles gains and better fitness in general. In this series, we’ll talk about some tips for creating your perfect home gym, from the space to the weights and other equipment.

Selecting a Space

Most of us will have limited options when it comes to choosing a space in which to set up our home gym. But let’s pretend we live in a perfect world and consider all of the characteristics we would like that space to have:

  • Big enough to house all equipment and still workout comfortably
  • Solid, study floor that won’t break if you drop a weight on it (i.e. not ceramic tile)
  • Air conditioning or good ventilation

A finished basement or garage is a great option, but a spare room could work just as well as long as the floor is suitable.

home gym 1

Other considerations:

You may choose to have a television in your gym, or a comfy chair, but I don’t recommend having them both in the same room. This makes it more likely that your gym will turn into a second living room.

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