The thing about diets

Diets have a really bad reputation among us, or at least most of us, humans. I don’t know about you but when I think of dieting, I immediately think of starving.

As in, my stomach is growling and I am in a terrible mood… but I will follow this diet just so I can lose those 10 pounds. 


It seems to me like there is a new diet every single month.  There is the Bla-Bla diet that promises to make you lose weight fast.

There is also the Something-Something diet that guarantees you shedding the extra fat fast! There is the other diet that assures that you will lose 20 pounds in 1 week! And so on. Usually, you will find us on the phone ordering whatever promises to lose the extra fat… fast, that is.

The reason many people seek out diets and wish to follow them is usually because they are unhappy with their weight, they want to stay motivated or see results fast. As expected, we purchase whatever it is that we read. We often times starve our bodies so we can lose weight fast.

The results are usually tragic. We want fast results in a two week period without putting the effort! That just doesn’t make any sense, does it?

  • Diets are no fun –
  • Diets can be harmful
  • Diets are unrealistic
  • What to do instead?

It took me a long while to associate the word ‘diet’ with the word ‘lifestyle’. When I replaced the meaning of dieting with a healthy meaning, I was able to start selecting a lifestyle with the proper foods that work for me!

More fruits and veggies in my plate!

More quinoa and delicious grains!

A diet should consist of improving your health and making your body strong and healthy… not about damaging your insides!


So – here is a challenge for all of you!

Don’t join that stupid bandwagon of trying to lose weight fast, instead, choose a lifestyle that will work for you and your body! Sound good?


Let’s do this!

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