The four proteins that thin most

At present there is a misconception that to lose weight is necessary to eat only fruits and vegetables, when in fact it is necessary to eat the proteins as they generate a feeling of satiety other than that our metabolism burns faster.

All meals consumed daily are important because they have enough power to help us develop our daily activities.

Proteins are excellent not only because they provide the energy for our daily lives but also are benefits for weight loss like chicken, eggs, fish and dairy.

Here we will mention a few benefits of these foods:

The chicken: is considered a protein food and of very good quality. If we eat a good ration in our lunch will keep us satiated for longer and burn the accumulated fat.

Fish: have a high nutritional value beneficial to our health, as it contains omega 3 that helps us to prevent cardiovascular diseases. To lose weight we should consume less 200 grams a week.

The egg: this food according to its composition is the most complete for all the benefits it brings to our organism, proteins are mainly found in the clear.

Dairy: are proteins that contain essential amino acids, we will mention those that help to lose weight are skim milk, yogurt and ricotta.

Most people are eating protein for weight loss and many studies have shown that a high protein diet has great benefits for metabolic health and weight loss.

The important thing when it comes to losing weight is to go to a nutritionist who will tell us how many portions we should consume and how many times a day.

With these tips that we mentioned we hope you are encouraged to change your eating habits and vers as in a short time you lose those extra kilos


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