The Determining Factors To Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Increase lean muscle mass effectively requires several different factors; However, today I want to talk specifically two. These two factors, factors which I call “D and E” may facilitate or hinder your ability to build muscle without adding fat. Both factors are important to help you build lean muscle without fat, and how the regules determine how quickly you reach your goals of muscle development.

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Factor “D and E” Important to increase muscle mass

The two “D and E” factors that are so important to develop lean muscle fat are sleep and stress. Not having enough of one and too the other can wreak havoc on your body so that it would be impossible for you to do what you need to build lean muscle without fat.

Let me delve into the matter …

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It’s no secret that sleep is very important for many daily functions as our ability to concentrate on what we do; however, it may surprise you to know that the right amount of sleep is very important for your ability to perform fully strenuous exercise to increase muscle mass.

First, not enough sleep can interfere with the function of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for releasing hormones that build muscle, which are crucial to maximize your gains lean muscle without fat. If you do not get enough sleep at least six hours per night, we saw a reduction in the number of developers releasing hormones our body muscle. Inadequate sleep also has the unfortunate side effect
increase hormones that promote fat storage. When these two factors alone are combined, lack of sleep can mean greater fat storage and less development of lean muscle, which takes you away from your goals you.

Not sleep well at night can also decrease the effectiveness of our immune system, which helps our bodies recover quickly after we train hard to build muscle. Finally, lack of sleep decreases metabolism so that stored fat instead of lean muscle development.
Improving Sleep Factor to increase muscle mass

The good news is you can do several things for the factor “D” work in your favor and you can build lean muscle without fat continuously. First you need to determine how much sleep you need each night, provided they are at least 6 hours. Some may require eight hours while others will feel good about 6.5 hours. Play with your dream clock until you know how many hours your body needs to feel well rested.

Other tips that may help you sleep well and maximize your lean muscle development are:

– Drinking tea, preferably something relaxing such as chamomile, at least 1-2 hour before you go to sleep.

– Schedule your workouts to help you sleep easier. Exercise at least 3 or 4 hours before the time you get used to going to bed to give your body enough time to relax and stay asleep more easily.

– Avoid caffeine at night, particularly if you have trouble sleeping every night. –Evita Coffee, soda and energy drinks in the evening.

Stress Factor

Stress really can have a negative impact on the body’s systems in the same way as has the lack of sleep, especially on the immune and endocrine systems. When you are too stressed fat-storing hormones increase and decrease the amount of muscle developers hormones are released.

Stress can also compromise your immune system, making it difficult to recover quickly after exercise and stay healthy enough to withstand the strenuous exercise to build muscle.

Too much stress can rob the energy you need to do the exercises, which means you can not apply the intensity needed to put all of you in the last series of a difficult exercise. Without energy and intensity, your workouts will be affected and it will take much longer to get the lean muscles you always wanted.
Improving Stress Factor

Is Stress is part of life for most people and properly dispose of the does not seem a viable option, what you should do is minimize stress as much as possible.

A Here are two tips that have helped me to reduce this factor to achieve better training and more efficient muscle development.

First, fractionated things that cause stress in your life. Regardless of what stressors – work, money or romance – focus on them when you have to, instead of worrying all day. If work is your source of stress, focus on the stress while you’re at work, at home and not least when you’re exercising. This way your body your body will be prepared for effective workout without the impact of stress.

Another effective method to minimize stress is to prioritize when you have to deal with things that cause it. If dealing with the stressors in your life is your top priority, concentrate on them early in the morning so you can move as much as possible when the time comes to go to the gym. Or, if you develop lean muscle it is your main priority, set aside time to exercise early so you can deal with your stressors later.

These two factors can be difficult; however, with a little practice and if you have in mind your dream of having a body marked with lean muscle mass, the impact of stress on your training and your life will be reduced.

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