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The thing about diets

nicky 11 Apr, 2016 Diet No Comments

Diets have a really bad reputation among us, or at least most of us, humans. I don’t know about you but when I think of dieting, I immediately think of starving. As in, my stomach is growling and I am in a terrible mood… but…Seguir leyendo

The Best Supplements to Gain Muscle Mass

mcpeektraducciones 2 Jul, 2015 Diet No Comments

What Are the Best Supplements to Gain Muscle Mass? Supplements, while entirely optional, are an easy way to get maximum muscle growth results from your exercise and diet plan. Here are a few of the best supplements to incorporate into your muscle building routine: Protein…Seguir leyendo

The Best Protein Supplements to Build Muscles

mcpeektraducciones 1 Jul, 2015 Diet No Comments

What Is the Best Protein Supplement to Build Muscles? There are many different protein supplements on the market today, and knowing which one to choose can seem a little daunting at first. The short answer is, it will depend on your body and your personal…Seguir leyendo

The Best Protein Foods to Build Muscle

mcpeektraducciones 30 Jun, 2015 Diet No Comments

What Are the Best Protein Foods to Build Muscle? If you are trying to build muscle or gain muscle mass, protein should be the backbone of your diet. You want to keep your total calories in check so that you don’t accidentally gain any fat,…Seguir leyendo

How Much Protein Should I Be Eating to Build Muscles?

mcpeektraducciones 16 Jun, 2015 Diet No Comments

Your workout routine is, of course, extremely important if you’re trying to get fit or build muscle, but your diet can be equally important. Every time you weight train, you are tearing the fibers that make up your muscles, and in order to make more…Seguir leyendo