Special diet to increase lean muscle mass

If we want to gain muscle we obviously have to do a diet to increase muscle mass.
However most of these diets are designed for the person in question to increase their weight as much as possible but this comes with a problem, and is that we will increase our amount of muscle mass but nevertheless the fat mass gain will be triggered, taking Which wasted much time later on removing that layer of grease so unpleasant that it covers our muscles.

However and that is what we are going to talk about now is to perform a diet to increase lean muscle mass, these must be accompanied by long, frequent and intense workouts to get the most out of the diet and to be able to minimize the gain Of fat obtained during our muscle growth phase.
If we want a diet to increase lean muscle mass we must do the following calculations and modifications:

Protein – Our body weight x 3, this will be the amount of protein to consume daily in our diet from clean and lean sources such as tuna, tilapia, chicken, turkey, lean beef.

Carbohydrates – Our body weight x 5, these will be the carbohydrates to consume daily, it is advisable to consume a good amount of carbohydrates before, during and after training in the form of dextrose, amylopectin or simple sugar like honey, along with typical supplements such as Glutamine, AAKG, BCAA, creatine, protein, beta alanine, taurine.

Fats – Our body weight x 0.5, coming from sources such as olive oil, fatty fish, egg yolks, coconut oil, fish oil … if we need more calories we will increase the fats bit by bit but without passing us.

Example of diet to increase lean muscle mass

FOOD 1. Breakfast
150 gr bread or oats
2 egg yolk.
100 ml. Egg white
2 yogurts, skimmed
250 gr. Citrus fruit
MEAL 2. Mid-morning
160 gr. rice.
1 can of natural tuna or 60 gr of tuna washed.
20 gr. nuts.
FOOD 3. Lunch
140 gr. lentils.
140 gr. rice.
100 gr chicken
1 tsp virgin olive oil
FOOD 4. Snack
600 gr. Potato
200 gr. Skimmed cow’s milk.
100 gr chicken
10 gr. Butter.
FOOD 5. Dinner
150 gr. White fish.
150 gr. pasta.
1 tbsp virgin olive oil.
Food 6. Intra Entreno
500ml of skimmed cow’s milk.
20gr of honey
5gr Creatine
5gr of BCAA
Food 7. Post Training
1 can of natural tuna or 60 gr of tuna washed.
50gr of honey

This diet is simply an example so you can see how it can be with the characteristics mentioned above. You simply have to eat a lot and take care of training well so that your body metabolizes all the food and does not store them as fat and use them to gain muscle. Both training and diet should be well designed to produce excellent gains.
What happens if I do not gain weight with the above characteristics?

If you see that you are not able to gain weight then we will increase the amount of carbohydrates by 1 more per kilogram of weight weekly until we start to rise. Try not to increase fat too much since high fat consumption coupled with high carbohydrate intake equals an oversized fat gain, so be careful.
What about free meals?

Free meals are quite common in diets for weight gain, however here I would only recommend consuming 1-2 free meals in case it is strictly necessary and reducing the fat intake to a minimum in them, focusing on consuming carbohydrates and proteins of quality.


Here are some steps you have to follow if you want to design a diet to increase lean muscle mass plus a good example so you can see more or less as it should be. If you have a lot of doubts I recommend you to buy the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program as it will help you to create your own program in a completely fast and personalized way.

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