How to satisfy your need for sugar?

Sugar as well as alcohol and tobacco is a drug that should be controlled, says an expert from the University of Amsterdam, according to a study conducted at that university, that sugar unlike other foods creates an insatiable desire to continue to consume.


The artificial sugar has many negative effects on the human body its abuse can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and also hormonal disorders, if you find it very difficult to do without sugar we will give you some tips to satisfy this need:

– Instead of sweetening your meals with sugar use stevia.

– Consume one tablespoon of Honey in the morning.

Eat fresh fruit in the morning and at noon. Fruits are essential to keep your serotonin levels the hormone that produces wellness.

Eat homemade ice cream prepared with bananas.


Consume a balanced diet that includes protein fibers and vegetable fats that will help you stay satiated for longer. And prevent you from being anxious to eat sweets.

Sweet fruits like apples and pears can satisfy this need as well as consuming nuts such as almond nuts, pumpkin seeds.


It reduces the stress, since this causes anxiety and depression both incite to the need to consume sweets. You can avoid it by practicing yoga or practicing some meditation.

Chewing gum without sugar after eating can help you satisfy the urge to eat dessert.


When it comes to avoiding sugar consumption, the best option is to stay active, moving around will help you stay healthy, run or walk daily will help you a lot to stay healthy.

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