Routine for perfect dumbbell arms

The arms represent in many occasions the level of strength of our physical condition, is what first stands out of an athlete. To obtain a good development of our arms we must realize a series of ruins that will give us08

Defined arms. Today we will mention several routines with dumbbells that favor us:

  • Press with dumbbells: this exercise is extremely important as it works the three sides of the arm either front side and back is done stretching the arms with the dumbbells this is done to generate pressure on the tricep. We should always keep our elbow flexed and move our shoulders. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Front Elevation with Dumbbells: here we will work the front of the arm, for this we will use dumbbells of 2 pounds, to begin we must stand up we will raise the dumbbells by flexing the elbows and climbing a little more of the shoulder to perform 3 sets of 1 repetitions.
  • Lateral arm lift with dumbbell: stand with legs slightly apart and back straight arms parallel to the body and a dumbbell on each side, raise arms to the horizon with elbows slightly flexed, this exercise develops the trapeze.
  • Extension of the forearms sitting with dumbbells: for this exercise sit with your back straight, grab the dumbbell with both hands and pull it up to the back of the neck. Breathe and make a forearm extension exhale at the end of the movements. With this exercise you work the Triceps.

Remember that to develop strong arms you must take care of your nutrition to eat enough protein and go to the gym every day.

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