Why we should rest to recover the muscles after an intense exercise routine

In all our training articles we suggest that we perform the proper routines to gain muscle mass but we have not told you that to gain muscle and also the rest is important.

Today we will teach you that it is also important to take a rest after each intense routine.

It is important to rest because our muscles can become tired and fatigued.

If we train hard and do not pay enough attention when it comes to discomfort it could be generating in our body an injury.

Our experts in physical culture explained that when our muscles rest they regenerate and can increase their muscle mass to the maximum.

It is necessary to rest for the following reasons:

• When Resting Our Body to Enter rest and the cells regenerate.

• Rest the Mind so you release stress.

• Injury is prevented.

• When your body rests the whole body is left running so the hormones are controlled. So they burn fat and prevent your muscles from wearing out.

• The body improves when we rest since the muscles grow and replenish easily, it is also important to mention that when you are at rest you begin to train, you waste less energy because your muscles are fresh.

For an athlete to recover after a strong routine requires less sleep 8 hours a day

When you train hard it is suggested to rest one or days a week but these days are not followed so as not to lose the sequence of your workouts.

If you are in a training that consists of 6 weeks to do intense exercise it is necessary to seek rest for at least 5 days.

It is also important to remember that you should always take adequate food and do not forget your protein supplement

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