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Rest Days Are Necessary For Muscle Growth

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st andrews creative writing summer program A very common mistake among people who are new to bodybuilding or strength training is trying to go too hard, too fast. They will work out for hours, day after day after day, and then are understandably shocked and disappointed when they don’t see the results they are after. Firstly, if your workout is rigorous enough you shouldn’t be able to work out for hours on end like this, but more importantly:

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ncea level 2 english creative writing There is a saying: muscles are torn in the gym, fed in the kitchen and built in bed. Every time you do an intense weight workout, you are actually tearing the fibers that make up your muscles, and when these fibers repair themselves, your body creates more muscle and bigger muscles.

who can do my math homework In order to gain muscle mass and build bigger muscles, it is absolutely critical that you give your muscles at least a day to rest in between workouts. It is easy to plan your workouts to give your muscles enough rest time: separate your workouts by body part, and alternate those workouts so that you never work the same muscle group on consecutive days. For example: Monday- upper body; Tuesday- lower body; Wednesday- core. By Thursday, your upper body is rested, recovered, and ready to work again.

write cause and effect essay Above all, don’t feel guilty taking a rest day- it’s the only way to get maximum muscle growth.