What are proteins and what foods contain them

Proteins are nutrients that serve the functioning of our body, have many benefits and its main function is the maintenance of tissues and muscles. Proteins are almost always obtained through animal derivatives such as meat, egg and milk, these are considered high quality proteins.
Here we will mention the proteins that will help you to keep your body healthy:
1. Eggs: They are an excellent source of protein and contains vitamins A, D and E
2. Salmon: it is rich in proteins and also contains omega 3 that helps keep our arteries healthy.
3. Chia: a very beneficial seed provides fiber and omega 3.
4. Flaxseed: high in protein and fiber you can add it to oats and your shakes.
5. Lean red meat: great for increasing muscle mass, is a great source of creatine, zinc iron, vitamin B 12.
6. Chicken breast or turkey: low in fat, a great source of protein, help increase muscle mass, control appetite and accelerate metabolism.
Proteins serve to repair our muscles after a heavy workout also regenerates our body, hair nails and internal organs. It is worth mentioning that proteins keep us longer sated because they have complex molecules and the body takes longer to process. They are therefore a good source of energy for slow consumption and longer duration. In general protein consumption prevents diseases such as anemia, and also helps to maintain stable blood glucose levels is important to remember that every cell in our body is regenerated with the food we consume is why we must maintain a diet Quality and healthy.

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