How to Prevent and Eliminate Liquid Retention?

The retention of liquid is produced by the accumulation of liquid in the tissues of the body. When there is an imbalance between the passage of liquid from one area to another this problem occurs that if we do not attack in time could cause serious damage to our body.

How to remove it:

The first thing we should eliminate are the carbohydrates in our diet, sugar flours and sweets.

Avoid consumption of alcohol and processed or canned food.

Drink 2 liters of water a day.

Perform cardiovascular exercises for 30 minutes daily.

Decreases sodium intake.

You can also help a shake to purify your body here we leave 2 recipes easy to prepare and very beneficial to our health:

  • Smoothie green detox Ingredients
    1 pineapple wheel
    1/2 cucumber
    A fist of parsley
    A bit of ginger
    A cup of water
    Lemon and a touch of stevia.
    Preparation In a blender beat all the ingredients add a little ice and ready. Take it fast for a week
  • Smoothie with pineapple and apple ingredients:
    One third of a pineapple
    Juice of a lemon
    A piece of ginger
    A pair of celery branches
    A green apple
    Sweetener to your liking.
    Preparation In a blender beat all the ingredients you can take them 15 minutes before breakfast and in the evenings as a snack.
    Following these recommendations plus a healthy diet, and performing regular exercises can achieve your goals of detoxifying the body with a little patience you can resume your healthy eating habits and combat the retention of liquids.

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