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What is creatine and its benefits

roxana 16 Feb, 2017 Supplements No Comments

Creatine is an organic acid found in muscles and cells, our body can produce it, but we can also find it in foods rich in proteins such as meat and fish. Creatine helps regenerate muscles and regain energy. It has been proven to be an…Seguir leyendo

Tips for getting started in running

roxana 15 Feb, 2017 Tips No Comments

The runnig is a word of English origin that means to run, this physical activity is related to the competitions of races like the athletics or maraton right now is the sport of the moment many people are practicing it, not only because it allows…Seguir leyendo

What are the healthy fats for my body?

roxana 15 Feb, 2017 Nutrition No Comments

When we talk about healthy fats we refer to foods that have vegetable fat and that they have not been modified by chemical processes. There are numerous natural foods that have healthy fats. Coconut oil is an example other than being very healthy helps us…Seguir leyendo

The HMB supplement for amazing muscles

roxana 14 Feb, 2017 Nutrition No Comments

It is a derivative of the amino acid leucine its acronym stands for Beta Hydroxy methyl butyrate, in the diet found in small amounts in foods rich in protein !! It is an anticatabolic supplement that means it does not allow loss of muscle mass…Seguir leyendo

What are proteins and what foods contain them

roxana 14 Feb, 2017 Nutrition No Comments

Proteins are nutrients that serve the functioning of our body, have many benefits and its main function is the maintenance of tissues and muscles. Proteins are almost always obtained through animal derivatives such as meat, egg and milk, these are considered high quality proteins. Here…Seguir leyendo

Routine for perfect dumbbell arms

roxana 8 Feb, 2017 Workout Routines No Comments

The arms represent in many occasions the level of strength of our physical condition, is what first stands out of an athlete. To obtain a good development of our arms we must realize a series of ruins that will give us08 Defined arms. Today we…Seguir leyendo

How many exercise routines should I do per day? Recommendations.

roxana 7 Feb, 2017 Tips No Comments

If we are going to start doing exercises for the first time, we should try to start with very little weight and no more than 4 sets of 12 repetitions each. In the first week of training we should take things slow we can go…Seguir leyendo

Most effective nutrients for my muscle training

roxana 6 Feb, 2017 Diet 1 Comment

When we talk about nutrients we refer to the substances contained in food, and that these help the functioning and growth of the human body. For our muscles to be strong, it is important that you include proteins in your meals as they provide numerous…Seguir leyendo

Foods to avoid so we do not feel bloated

roxana 3 Feb, 2017 Nutrition No Comments

Abdominal distention is a very common digestive disorder, the main cause is the production of gas or an alteration of the muscles of the digestive system, it has been proven that 30% of people suffer from this disorder. Here we will mention some foods that…Seguir leyendo

What are amino acids and where can we get them?

roxana 2 Feb, 2017 Diet No Comments

Amino acids are organic compounds, constituents of proteins that unlike other nutrients contain nitrogen. They serve to break down food, grow body tissues and increase energy. To us as athletes we are interested in consuming essential amino acids that are Valine, leucine and isileucine, these…Seguir leyendo