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Muscle Building Advice That Will Increase Your Gains

admin 29 Mar, 2017 Tips No Comments

You have finally decided that it is time to do something about the muscles on your body. It is important to go about doing it in the proper way. So even if you have some basic information, it is important to do some research. The…Seguir leyendo

Get That Body Into Shape With Healthy Fitness

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Great fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining an exercise regime will help you to feel more active in all of your other activities. There are many fantastic methods to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle. Find what works for you, and start…Seguir leyendo

How to maintain muscle mass with the help of supplements

roxana 20 Feb, 2017 Supplements No Comments

Achieving strong and defined muscles is our goal when we begin to perform exercises, this can be achieved with much constancy and discipline. But the big challenge has to be to maintain the muscles that we have gained. For this, science has developed a series…Seguir leyendo

4 Delicious protein shakes and the best time to take them

roxana 20 Feb, 2017 Nutrition No Comments

At present there are many protein shakes that help to gain muscle mass, in our blog we want to teach you that protein shakes should be consumed accompanied by a healthy diet combined with exercises since this way you can lose fat and at the…Seguir leyendo

What is Glucosamine and how does it help in my training?

roxana 17 Feb, 2017 Nutrition No Comments

Glucosamine is a natural sugar, necessary for the formation of collagen, is the major component of articular cartilage, is excellent for athletes and for people who train daily as it prevents knee pain elbows, arms and hips. As well as it restructures the damaged joints….Seguir leyendo

4 Incredible Breakfasts to Gain Muscle Mass

roxana 17 Feb, 2017 Nutrition No Comments

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and therefore the most important, when we eat breakfast with enough protein we can gain muscle mass quickly and we will be satisfied for longer, remember that you must have breakfast before 60 minutes after you get…Seguir leyendo

Training plan: Slim body to body defined

roxana 16 Feb, 2017 Workout Routines No Comments

If what we want is to maintain our thin and well defined slim body we will need to perform 45 minutes of exercises a day from Monday to Friday .. The first areas we will work on are the buttocks and the abdomen. This is…Seguir leyendo

What is creatine and its benefits

roxana 16 Feb, 2017 Supplements No Comments

Creatine is an organic acid found in muscles and cells, our body can produce it, but we can also find it in foods rich in proteins such as meat and fish. Creatine helps regenerate muscles and regain energy. It has been proven to be an…Seguir leyendo

Tips for getting started in running

roxana 15 Feb, 2017 Tips No Comments

The runnig is a word of English origin that means to run, this physical activity is related to the competitions of races like the athletics or maraton right now is the sport of the moment many people are practicing it, not only because it allows…Seguir leyendo

What are the healthy fats for my body?

roxana 15 Feb, 2017 Nutrition No Comments

When we talk about healthy fats we refer to foods that have vegetable fat and that they have not been modified by chemical processes. There are numerous natural foods that have healthy fats. Coconut oil is an example other than being very healthy helps us…Seguir leyendo