Natural Anabolics: Growth Hormones

Growth hormone is known worldwide as HGH, this hormone is synthesized by the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the skull.

This hormone when maintained at normal levels is excellent for growing our muscles because it affects the development of our muscles. This hormone has a number of positive effects in our body not only because it regenerates the tissues, but because it improves our breathing, better sleep and strengthens our

immune system. This hormone also has the quality to improve our sport performance, the best thing is that we can increase it in a healthy and natural way:

Performing intensity exercises such as abdominal squats, push-ups, all these are indicated to increase this hormone.
Sleep seven hours: this hormone is segregated when we are asleep is why the ideal is to reconcile a quiet sleep in a warm and stress-free environment, this will allow it to segregate with greater potential.
Do not consume sugar until after 2 years of exercise if we consume sugar after our routine, the hypothalamus will take longer to secrete HGH.
Consume enough protein, meat, chicken, turkey ham eggs and other dairy products are excellent to increase the production of growth hormone, if consumed during dinner will be much more beneficial.
After training consume 2 gr of glutamine, studies showed that consuming it increases the amount of HGH in the plasma and also helps to regenerate our muscles after a strong exercise routine.

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