Know the Benefits of the Endurance Exercises

Known as endurance exercises all those that put our muscles and joints under great stress over a relatively short period of time, these exercises are based on high-intensity muscle contractions.

As with any type of physical exercise, this has a number of benefits that we can not ignore, in fact, its benefits are far superior to any other type of exercise as long as we make a safe practice to avoid injury. That is why then will tell you the benefits of physical endurance exercises you should know.


Top benefits of physical endurance exercises

Increased metabolic rate

These exercises produce the greatest possible increase metabolism because they are able to greatly stimulate muscle protein synthesis, a process that besides helping to gain muscle mass, also help us to dramatically increase our metabolism.

Also induces an increase in metabolic rate due to COPD effect. All this is a great help for those who wish to reduce their amount of body fat.


Increased muscle mass

As we mentioned just now, endurance exercises help to increase our amount of muscle more than any other exercise mass, this is thanks to the overhead receive our muscles which makes these need to be adapted.

Improving physical strength

Another major benefit offered by this type of physical activity is the increase of physical force by making a series of neural adaptations which together with an increase in lean muscle mass occur, makes this effect occurs.

Improved cholesterol levels and glucose

Because of the intensity of these types of exercises, these are able to reduce our cholesterol levels to a more healthy levels and are able to dramatically improve our levels of glucose, preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Increases bone density

Unlike the aerobic endurance exercise, endurance exercises are able to increase bone density especially in postmenopausal women, reducing the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis.


What are these endurance exercises?

Surely you’re doing this question, well, endurance exercises are those that work your muscles to a high intensity and usually with added extra burdens, to give some examples for you to understand, some physical activities of this kind are:

  • Free weight training
  • Training machines and pulleys
  • Body weight training

For example disciplines such as Crossfit, weightlifting, bodybuilding and fitness or plyometrics are exercises that may fall within the category of endurance activities.


Certainly the risk of injury and complexity of these activities are higher compared to aerobic endurance exercise, but as long as they make the relationship with the precautions necessary cost-benefit ratio is clearly superior, so if you want to improve your physical and your health, we strongly recommend you to realize these activities would recommend.

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