Improve Muscle Gain and Fat Loss with a Workout Log

If you’re not seeing the results you want from your diet and exercise routine, it might be time to take a closer look at exactly what your body is doing. Although you might feel like you’re pushing your body to its limits during a workout, and though you might be eating correctly most of the time, small changes can make the difference between a plateau and maximum results.


A workout log will show you whether you are actually working hard enough, and giving your body enough variety to have an effective workout. You should not be doing exactly the same routine, with the same weights, sets and reps each and every week; as your body gets stronger, you need to make your workout more challenging by increasing the weight, sets, and/or reps of each exercise.

A workout log will keep you honest by tracking these details that are easy to forget.

You can go the old fashioned route with pencil and paper, but there are many different applications available for any smartphone these days that will keep track of all the necessary information to improve your workout. A few free ones include: Gym Hero (iOS), Simple Workout Log (Android), and Workout Trainer (iOS and Android).

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