How to Build Arm Muscles Fast

For some aspiring bodybuilders, the most coveted physique requires large, defined biceps and triceps and strong forearms, which look even more impressive when flexed.

But it might feel like it’s taking forever to see the upper body muscle gains you want. Here are a two important tips for building arm muscles more quickly and more effectively, so that all your hard work pays off.

Tip 1: Free Weights

If you notice that you are tethered to the weight machines every time you go to the gym, it’s time to take a stroll over to the free weights room and give some dumbbells and barbells a try. While weight machines are great at making sure your form is correct, they limit your range of motion and prevent your muscles from working as hard as they can, which limits your muscle mass gains. Also, free weights require you to use more muscle groups to stabilize the working muscles during the exercise, adding extra benefits.


Tip 2: Rest Days

This can’t be stressed enough: muscles cannot be built if you don’t give them a chance to rest and repair themselves. If you are working out the same muscle group on consecutive days, you are wasting a lot of time and energy and are hindering your own results. Lean muscle mass is added during recovery, so you get bigger arm muscles only if you let them rest between workouts.

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