How Do You Build Muscle Mass?

How Do You Build Muscle Mass?

How do you gain muscle? What is actually going on in your body when you grow bigger muscles? Understanding the basic mechanism behind muscle growth will help you make good choices about exercise, nutrition, supplements, and rest to get the best muscle gains possible.

Your muscles are made up of billions of tiny cells, just like the re t of your body, but muscle cells are specially designed to produce lots of energy so that your body can do all the things it needs to in daily life. You need this energy in your muscles for everything, from basic things like standing up, to running an Ironman.

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Muscle fibers are made from proteins. When you do a hard workout, the muscle fibers are torn and damaged. Your body will rebuild the muscle fibers using amino acids from the proteins that you have eaten that day. If the muscle has enough rest and amino acids to rebuild, new muscle is built and your muscles grow. It’s similar to forming scar tissue in your muscles, in that it bulks up the size after being damaged from your workout.

This is why the keys to building muscle are: hard exercise (to tear the muscle fibers), rest days (so they can repair themselves), and a diet rich in proteins and amino acids.

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