How Can I Increase My Muscle Mass Quickly?

Anyone who begins his wanderings through the world of bodybuilding the question becomes: How can I build muscle mass quickly? One can say that this is now a somewhat sensitive subject, with many magazines, “preparers” coming out from under the stones, advertisements and so on. Throughout the following article I will give you some basic guidelines that will help you know how to increase your muscle mass.

The basic pillars to increase muscle mass

These pillars are proper nutrition, good training and adequate rest, if your training program to increase muscle mass failure in any of these pillars, the results will be disastrous, then explain the basic guidelines that must have each small pillar.
Nutrition to gain muscle mass


How to increase muscle mass through nutrition?

The first thing you need, and more importantly proper caloric intake, and what should be the contribution to increase my muscle mass? In case you do not start from a very high fat%, should be around 35-40 kcal per kilogram of body weight.

The second is to adjust our needs for macronutrients, which must be:

Protein – 2.5 to 3 g per kg body weight
Fat – 0.7 to 1.2 g per kg body denpeso
Carbohydrates – The remaining calories

As a guide, each gram of protein provides us with 4 kcal, carbohydrates like (4 kcal). Each gram of fat provides 9 kcal us.

The third thing is to choose our food, quantities, and distribute them throughout the day as we can, it is best to be distributed in 5 or 6 meals a day, leading you to eat every 3 to 4 hours, simply choose minimally processed foods and you feel good, there is no mystery in this, that it may be easier, you can use any database of food, so that you only have to choose numbers easily and quickly, and not have to go looking for label and tag using the calculator, that’s where the SOMANABOLICO program makes your life very easy, as it gives you a personalized diet exactly according to your profile, detallandote amount and type of food consumed, time and frequency .

Training to gain muscle mass

Now we enter the sensitive issue of training, we must first take into account the increase in protein synthesis after training (the growth of muscle worked part) lasts about 36 hours after completion of this, so contrary to popular belief, train every muscle once a week is not what we can define as optimal, as a preference, the best results both aesthetically and strength come from the hand of a frequency 2 weekly, is say, every muscle is worked 2 times per week, and if we have any overdue body part, we can work it up to 3 times a week to gain more muscle mass in this.

There are many ways to divide training to gain muscle mass, can be things like: Torso / legs, push / pull, divided + torso / legs …. There are endless possibilities here simply choose the one you like.

As for the training volume (total number of sets and repetitions) as something standard 6-12 sets per muscle group per day (use the lowest value you train more body parts per day, and the highest value unless you train muscular parts per day) works perfectly, with a range of repeats ranging from 6 to 15 repetitions, using the lower ranks to muscles such as the deltoid, pectoral, triceps and quadriceps and higher ranges for the dorsal, abdominal, femoral biceps twins and trapezes.

It is very important not to leave any part without working muscle to avoid decompensation and achieve a more aesthetic physique, this is something I’ve learned to base my mistakes.

The last of this part is aerobic workout, it’s a good weapon as we gain muscle mass if used correctly, perform 20 minutes of aerobic training at the end of our routine, maintaining a range of key between 130-140ppm help us to maintain active routes to burn fat while improving our recovery.

Rest and gain muscle mass

And last but not least we have the break, if you do not know, our muscles grow while resting, when we train, we do is break down muscle fibers, which regenerate and strengthen while resting.

In this small issue goes much rest between workouts as sleep.

So that neither our performance and increase our muscle mass is affected, we should sleep between 7 to 9+ hours of the night, with this keep proper anabolic hormonal environment.

Now is the break between training, as I mentioned before, after training our muscle grows for 36 hours, so we must give this amount of rest that muscle, allowing us the opportunity to train a muscle part each about 48 hours .

After reading this article, when you ask the question, how I can build muscle quickly? You will no longer be so disoriented, and have some knowledge of each mainstay of bodybuilding. In this world knowledge it is the key, and never stop learning.

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