Highly Effective Tips to Prevent Lumbar Pain

Low back pain refers to a severe pain that occurs in the lower back that can occur after sudden movements or lifting heavy objects.

Low back pain has the following symptoms:

  1. Difficulty or inability to move.
  2. Muscle spasm.
  3. Feeling of pain that goes down to the leg, or a stabbing pain in the buttock.
  4. Cramps and inability to walk.

Today we talked with the experts and they recommended some tips that we will mention you next:

The first thing that the patient should do when feeling low back pain is to remain at rest, it is advisable to use compresses with cold or hot water, for pain it is suggested to use analgesics and anti-inflammatories.

When the patient feels better the ideal is to perform exercises and improve his posture, a detail that we can not forget is that there are no drugs to prevent low back pain but the use of vitamins like B12 could greatly improve the patient’s condition and avoid pain to future.

Another tip we must mention is that we must take care of the position when performing daily activities such as sleeping when getting up, walking and especially when weight is uploaded, it has been proven that stress also influences lumbar pains. When driving a vehicle we must also do it by adopting a good position with the back straight.

To finish our recommendation is that if you suffer from this syndrome you must perform exercises that are dynamic that help you improve your flexibility and strengthen your muscles, the use of a belt will also be useful as you will maintain a proper and stable posture. Routinely visit your doctor this will tell you the use of vitamins that strengthen muscles and joints.

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