How Growth Hormones Work in Muscles

Hormones are chemicals produced by our body to control numerous functions, circulate through the blood to our tissues. There are two hormones that we must activate when it comes to wanting our muscles to grow. One is growth hormone whose function is to build muscles to protect bones in addition to helping to burn fats.

This hormone helps muscles to better absorb amino acids from proteins. This hormone is friendly to the liver because it protects cells that produce insulin. If we want to activate it we must perform high intensity workouts without performing cardio.

The other hormone that we can not fail to mention is TESTOSTERONE: is certainly a hormone that will help us gain muscle, we must keep in mind is that we should eat enough and consume enough calories so that it is not reduced and perform its natural anabolic function .

We must also remind you to follow a very varied diet that contains at least 20% of fats, especially the unsaturated ones, as a low fat intake reduces the production of testosterone, therefore, include fatty fish, vegetable oils, nuts And seeds will promote the proper proportion of this hormone that helps us gain muscle.

To be in an optimal state of growth you must give your body what you need while recovering, cold water baths, massages, stretching, and adequate sleep, from 7 to 8 hours in a row. Remember that muscle grows at rest, outside the gym, and in deep sleep you secrete adequate levels of growth hormone, all-important to increase muscle mass.

It is important that you take enough water, keep the body hydrated so you increase protein synthesis, eliminate all toxins and you can perform more in the gym. Also, because of the amount of protein you are consuming you need more water, your weight in kg. Multiplied by 60 will give you an estimate of the ml. Totals you need per day.

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