Get huge shoulders and at the same time burn fat

Having strong shoulders will allow you to look more athletic to maintain a better posture and will also help you withstand a greater weight load when exercising.

To start with the shoulder training you have to work the three sides of the front side and back shoulder. The exercise will be performed by stretching the arms to generate pressure on the shoulders.

Here we leave you a simple but very high quality routine to strengthen your shoulders and burn fat:

  • Lateral elevations: we must realize 2 series of 50 elevations.
  • Front lifting with dumbbell: we will perform 4 sets of 20 and 25 repetitions.
  • Press arm with bar: This exercise is performed standing and you can do 4 sets of 15 and 10 repetitions.
  • Shoulder Press: This exercise you do sitting and with dumbbells we will do 3 sets of exercise of 15 repetitions.

Do not forget that you have to alternate press with macuennas and lateral elevations, this routine is effective for both beginners and advanced. To finish it performs 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise plus 10 minutes of abs.

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