Full Upper Body Circuit Routine

Full Upper Body Circuit Routine

Sometimes you don’t have time to devote one entire workout to your arms, another to your chest, and another to your back, or you simply don’t want to. In those cases, you can use this full upper body circuit routine to get a great upper body workout, build muscle mass in your arms, chest, back and shoulders, and burn fat and calories too. Do the moves in order without resting in between exercises, and repeat the entire circuit 2-3 times. For best muscle building results, use a weight heavy enough that you can only do 5-10 reps before you lose good form.

Exercise 1: Burpees (15 reps)


Begin standing, touch the floor and jump feet back into push up position, do a push up, jump feet back in and jump up to return to standing position. That’s 1 rep.

Exercise 2: Pull-ups with Wide Grip or Lat Pull-down (Reps: heavy 5-10, light 8-12)


Use a wide grip to target your lat muscles. Make sure your hands are facing away from you when performing this exercise.

Exercise 3: Bench Press (Reps: heavy 5-10, light 8-12)


Exercise 4: Biceps Barbell Curl (Reps: heavy 5-10, light 8-12)


Curl the barbell up slowly so your muscles do all the work, and slowly release the weight down.

Exercise 5: Triceps Dip (Reps: heavy 5-10, no weight 8-12)


Exercise 6: Pushup (Reps: added weight 5-10, no weight 8-12)

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