Foods to avoid so we do not feel bloated

Abdominal distention is a very common digestive disorder, the main cause is the production of gas or an alteration of the muscles of the digestive system, it has been proven that 30% of people suffer from this disorder.

Here we will mention some foods that you should avoid if you suffer from this evil:

Beans: these can generate a lot of gases and therefore make you feel bloated, you should try not to consume this type of food.

Dairy products: this is because there are people intolerant to lactose and therefore it is difficult for them to digest the milk derivatives. Lactose, when not digested, causes gases.

Junk Food: they cause inflammation because they do not contain water or fiber because of this the body tries a long time to digest it.

Brocoli and cabbage: These vegetables contain a type of sugar called raffinose that is not digested until it is fermented in the stomach, so it is inevitable that they cause inflammation.

Salt: salt we must consume it in few quantities since it is one of the main foods that cause the retention of liquids and also causes you to swell.

Remember that in order for your body to stay healthy and healthy you must improve your diet here I will mention some simple remedies that will relieve the abdominal swelling:

  • Consume enough water a day.
  • Consume foods high in fiber.
  • Take chamomile tea this helps to deflate.
  • Green Tea will help you improve abdominal inflation will help you attack accumulated fats and regulate cholesterol and free radicals.


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