Most effective nutrients for my muscle training

When we talk about nutrients we refer to the substances contained in food, and that these help the functioning and growth of the human body.

For our muscles to be strong, it is important that you include proteins in your meals as they provide numerous benefits among the most effective we can mention: beef, chicken breast, eggs, fish eat this type of food will help you increase your mass muscular.

We can not forget the carbohydrates these help us to save the proteins that are in our body, also you can choose foods like oats, sweet potatoes, rice and fruits. Natural fats will also help you can mention avocado, olive oil, walnuts and coconut oil.

The vegetables will also give you energy and do not forget that you must make more than 3 meals a day.

Do not forget to train Strong and heavy so that your muscles grow, you must train daily and of strong form this will help that it is forming, lifts weights that adapt to your level of strength, minimizes the cardiovascular.

It also becomes essential to consume some supplement, such as protein whey protein or whey these provide a quantity of protein quickly. 

So to finish the goal is that each day we consume 300 to 500 calories, eating protein, we should consume healthy fats and eat 5 to 6 times a day so that the glucose level is stable and we have enough energy to Do all of our routines successfully.

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