What should I eat at night if I want to gain muscle mass?

Gaining muscle mass is a slow and complicated process that requires proper nutrition, just like to define muscles, it is important to have our evening meal adjusted for optimum results. This food along with some suitable supplements can trigger our gains in muscle mass far more than we could imagine, that is why if you want to know what to eat at night to gain muscle mass, you should continue reading.

What should I eat at night if I want to gain muscle mass?

As always I would like to point out that eating more at night will have no negative effect on our body fat, in fact is on the contrary, will have beneficial effects on it.

In the phases of increasing muscle mass we want to have amino acids and other nutrients in the blood throughout the time in addition to creating insulin spikes at certain times of the day to bring all those nutrients into the muscle cell to boost growth.

When we go to sleep we will spend enough hours without eating, so we may be interested in having nutrients in the blood during all this time to enhance muscle growth at night, for this we must consume adequate amounts of calories in addition to certain foods that slow digestion .

Here we are not interested in generating too much insulin as it could adversely affect the release of growth hormone during the sleep stage, which is why we should consume these foods at night if we want to gain muscle mass, choose one or two of each list:


Dairy products
Lean red meats
White fish
White meats
Egg whites


Rice and pasta
Whole or rye bread
Fruit, other than banana


Egg yolks
Olive oil the flax
Flax Seeds


Any vegetable is valid
The amounts of macronutrients to consume at dinner if we want to gain muscle mass are:

Protein: 0.6 grams per kilogram lean.
Carbohydrates: 0.3 grams per kilogram lean.
Fiber: Maximum 15 grams of dietary fiber.
Fats: Minimum 10 grams and maximum 20 grams of fats.
As for supplementation we can take DAA to increase our production of testosterone and therefore have a better recovery at night, some glutamine to boost the release of growth hormone, vitamin C for reduction of cortisol and chromium picolinate to improve Our insulin sensitivity. Supplements are optional, food is mandatory.

At what time should I eat at night to get the best benefits?

So that insulin does not affect us too much we must eat at least 2-3 hours before going to sleep, before we would affect negatively.


These are the basic lines that your night food should have if you want to gain muscle mass, remember that the key is to have a constant supply of amino acids in the blood, so we are interested in slowing absorption as much as possible. If your desire is to know what you should eat if you want to define or lose fat you should Watch this video

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