When to drink isotonic drinks?

Isotonic drinks are preparations that contain lots of water, carbohydrates and minerals, these favor the hydration and replacement of electrolytes of the organism when they have lost great amount of them. Isotonic drinks are very easy to absorb because they pass directly into the blood. These energize quickly by the amount of sugar they possess.

These were created to replenish fluids after performing sports activities for more than 90 minutes. When we are in the gym doing cardio abs or dumbbells, we do not need isotonic drinks with only water is enough to recover we have moisturized. Only high-performance athletes should use this type of drink because of the amount of fluid and energy they lose during the performance of their sporting activities.

We spoke with experts and explained that there was no physiological benefit in consuming these drinks if we only went to the gym for an hour as our body was able to recover and use its own energy by burning the fat we had in the body that It could be used as fuel.

The people who need these drinks are athletes like cyclists, marathoners, soccer players, and basketball players as they need them to be running and not lowering the intensity or speed in training. If we are in the gym looking to keep our body and muscles in good condition these drinks will only add sugar and calories to your diet. Isotonic drinks are not essential for our activities. For the good development of them, we will only need to consume enough water and maintain a balanced diet.

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