Crossfit 101

I recently started  working out! Wohoo!

This is major, considering that I completely neglected my health for a few months. I moved to La Paz City and began crossfitting at the best box ever! This box is the first affiliated CrossFit gym in La Paz, Bolivia! In case you haven’t heard, La Paz City is the highest city in the world! Meaning, lifting weights in this city is triple the work!

I started my  crossfit journey 4 years ago right around the time I moved to Bangkok. I had no idea what crossfit was, or what it meant… I just wanted a good sweat.

After googling terms like: I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT – WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? I found the perfect gym! If you are ever in Bangkok for whatever reason, I recommend you check out Aspire! It is the perfect gym to 1. meet wonderful humans 2. You sweat like a manic and 3. learn about your incredible body and the amazing things it can do 🙂

Prior to crossfit I was a normal gym attendee. You know how it is, you do a few laps on the treadmill, and maybe some weights… and later stretch, or more like stare at the ceiling for 10-30 minutes. And tada… go home and repeat the whole business. 









I also attended bootcamps and I was a runner! But once I learned about weight lifting, my life changed, for the better 🙂

What is crossfit exactly?

CrossFit classes are high-intesnity group classes focused on the philosophy of high-intensity interval training or HITT, the belief that more intense exercise in a shorter amount of time is more effective.


CrossFit is a high-intensity sport, meaning that it opens athletes up to the risk of injury if certain exercises are not properly executed. Almost all CrossFit gyms offer what is called an “On Ramp” course. These courses typically last between two weeks to a month and will teach you the fundamentals of crossfit. The class will effectively show you how to properly squat (very important!) and ultimately you will graduate ready to conquer weightlifting!


The best part about crossfit – you can try a few crossfit workouts at home – try two rounds of:

10. Burpees

20. Squats

30. Sit ups

40. Mountain Climber

50. Jumping lunges

I will most certainly be updating you more about crossfit and my findings as the weeks progress!

Need inspiration? Looking for a box near you?

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