Can You Gain Muscle Mass With Home Exercises For Pectoral?

Home exercises for pectoral are those who can do without any extra equipment, just with objects we can find in any home, for example can do pushups, chairs funds between …

Because of this ability to train at home many people wonder if it is possible muscular with doing home exercises for pectoral, and this is a question that will be answered in this article with great clarity.


Can muscle with home exercises for pectoral?

First we have to know what triggers muscle growth.

Muscle growth is triggered by a series of hormonal responses induced by exercise, first to perform exercises for any muscle, muscle fibers break due to stress for pectoral home mecánica.ejercicios

When these muscle fibers are broken a number of growth factors are released, in this case the mechanical growth factor that increases the activity of satellite cells. Subsequently, androgenic hormones like testosterone bind to these satellite cells along with other growth factors such as IGF-1, increased protein synthesis and trigger an anabolic response of muscle growth.


As you can see, getting muscles need to summarize:

  1. A stimulus that breaks muscle fibers in this case exercise.
  2. A correct setting of anabolic hormones naturally present in our body.
  3. Sufficient nutrients to our body can use to repair damaged muscle fibers and strengthen, increasing its size.

Points 1 and 3 are points on which we are able to act directly, so as you can imagine, conducting exercises, whether home, be capable of stimulating a muscle always growing as the mechanical stress of these is high enough to break down enough muscle fibers.

There’s something I’d like to clarify is that as our muscles grow, they are becoming more and more resistant to a certain mechanical stress, so that the latter will have to be increased if we want our muscles continue to grow.

With this in mind, conducting exercises to enable us home pectoral muscle these yes, but to a limited extent by the simple fact that there will come a time when our chest will be so strong that the mechanical stress of our own body weight will not be high enough to stimulate an adaptive response strong enough muscle growth.

That is why if you just want a little our pectoral muscle and do not grow too much, then the realization of home exercises for chest itself will be useful for our purposes, in case you have more ambitious goals, you have to add a lot more tension your muscles and the only way to do this is by using bodybuilding materials, such as a bar with a flat bench to do chest presses with heavy weights. You also have this routine for pecs, if you want to go to a gym

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