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Burn More Fat by Eating Like This…

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jenna escape doing homework You’ve probably heard lately that the best way to eat is to eat 5-6 smaller meals each day, rather than 3 larger ones.

creative writing online groups The reasoning behind this is that your metabolism speeds up during two activities: exercise, and digestion. So in theory, the more often you eat, the more time your body spends in fast metabolism mode. This is a good way to eat in general, but if you are incorporating weight training and cardio into your workout routine, there’s a better way.

betty creative writing awards Your body has two sources of energy to use during daily life and exercise: glycogen, a big sugar molecule stored in your muscles and liver, and fat. Glycogen is must easier for your body to burn for energy, so it won’t burn any fat at all until it uses up all the glycogen.

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customized term papers So on a workout day, the best way to burn more fat is this: eat a normal meal about 2 hours before you go to work out (lower in carbohydrates is preferred). At the gym, warm up for a bit and go straight into your strength training routine.

aveyard h doing a literature review Most people do their cardio first, but this is backwards. Your resistance training will use up all the glycogen in your muscles, and then when you do your cardio, you will burn pure fat!