Burn Fat and Build Six Pack Abs with this Routine

Burn Fat and Build Six Pack Abs with this Routine

If you want to really get ripped, you’ve got to have a plan to get six pack abs. Six pack abs don’t come from muscle building alone, though; in order to see those muscles, you will have to burn off a lot of the fat sitting on top of them. This abdominal circuit routine keeps your heart pumping and will burn fat while building up the various muscles that make up your core. For extra muscle building, use weights that are heavy enough that you can only do 5-10 reps with good form. Perform each exercise in the circuit in order without resting between moves, and repeat the whole circuit 2-3 times. You can rest for a minute in between circuits if you need to.

Exercise 1: Burpees (15 reps)


Begin standing, touch the floor and jump feet back into push up position, do a push up, jump feet back in and jump up to return to standing position. That’s 1 rep.

Exercise 2: Captain’s chair leg raise (5-10 reps heavy weight, 8-15 reps low or no weight)

six pack abs captain chair

Exercise 3: Plank (1 min)

Exercise 4: Mountain climbers (1 min)


To get your heart pumping, begin on hands and feet in push up position and alternate drawing each knee into your chest. At full speed it should look like you are running on your hands.

Exercise 5: Ab wheel (15 reps)


Exercise 6: Ab bicycle (to exhaustion)


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