Biceps and Breast Routine for Beginners

If you are going to perform exercises for the first time it is recommended that you start with a 10 minute warm up and a stretching routine for 5 minutes, when you start lifting weights try to do it with very little weight and perform sets of no more than 10 repetitions.
You should take the training with calm so that your muscles do not fatigue and recover quickly, we must also mention that you should practice simple exercises to avoid injuries.

Here we will mention a very simple routine for you to develop your biceps and chest:

* Pectorals: Press in Flat Bench: 4 x 10 repetitions.
* Biceps with High Pulley: 3 x 10 repetitions.
* Biceps with dumbbells: 3 x 10 repetitions.
* Abs on the ground: 3 x 410 repetitions.

The main thing we have to take into account is that to get a defined biceps and chest we have to be very disciplined in training, know how to use loads and perform exercises with good techniques, so we recommend if you are a beginner always talk to you Instructor to guide you.

Train with varied exercises and try not to repeat every day the same routine, so you can go to work all the angles of the muscle and eventually gain more volume.

Another tip is that you should rest, do not train the biceps every day as the muscle always needs rest to grow.

We recommend that after doing a bicep workout rests at least 48 hours for the next workout.

Remember to always take care of your food and supplement with a drink containing protein, this will help you gain muscle mass faster.

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