Best Tips for Staying Motivated

Best Tips for Staying Motivated

We all have those days when the last thing we want to do is go to the gym and work hard. Sometimes life gets busy and exhausting, and sometimes you just don’t feel like it. The key to getting the fitness results you want is to work out consistently, so here are some of the best tips for staying motivated with your fitness regimen.

Set Concrete Goals

Setting short term, intermediate and long term goals, and writing them down, can keep you motivated and feeling great about yourself and all the hard work you’ve been doing. Just make sure your goals are realistic, or you may end up feeling discouraged.


Reward Yourself

When you finish your workouts, take a minute to bask in the glow of those endorphins flowing through your body and acknowledge how good it feels. You can treat yourself to an external reward when you achieve an intermediate or long term goal (new workout gear or gadgets, a massage, a sharp new outfit, anything that makes you feel good).

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Shake Things Up

You might be feeling unmotivated because you’re simply bored with your current routine. Try a different approach to your workouts, try a new group class, or try an outdoor workout like rock climbing. When you’re having fun, it’s easier to

stick with your active lifestyle.

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