Best Summer Activities to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle- Part 3

Best Summer Activities to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle- Part 3

Today, we’re continuing by sharing two more fun summer activities to burn fat and gain muscle. Remember that one of the best ways to improve your overall health is to incorporate physical activity into your daily life as much as possible, and have fun while you do it!

Beach Running

If you are already an avid running, then take advantage of beach season and take your run to the sand. Running on sand gives your muscles a whole new experience and increases your calorie burn by about 30%! One h our of running on the beach can burn around 700 calories! Now that’s what I call a fat burning workout.



You might be surprised to learn how many muscles are involved in keeping a person stabilized on top of a surfboard as it zooms through the water. When was the last time you saw a surfer who wasn’t in great shape? Surfing is great for building muscles in your abdomen and core, as well as lower body, and even upper body from paddling yourself out against the waves. You can expect to burn about 215 calories for each hour of surfing, but you’ll really feel it in your muscles.


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