» » Best Summer Activities to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle- Part 2

Best Summer Activities to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle- Part 2

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creative writing course dublin ireland creative writing student room Best Summer Activities to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle- Part 2

help desk system thesis Last week we discussed the health benefits of some fun summer activities that burn fat and build muscle, and today we’ve got two more to talk about. Here are this week’s summer activities:

creative writing course western australia website to find someone to write a paper for college Kite Boarding

creative writing for 12 yr olds Kite boarding (or kite surfing) is a very exciting and very physically demanding sport. For those who aren’t familiar with kite boarding, it’s kind of like wake boarding but you are being pulled by a huge kite that you hold onto, instead of a boat. This is a serious full body workout; you’ll feel muscles working that you didn’t even know you had because of the constant instability on the board and having to maneuver the kite with your upper body. Just in moderate intensity kite boarding, the calorie burn is at least 340 calories per hour. Most beach  areas have a company that rents equipment and gives lessons.

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nsw education homework help homework help pages Tennis

gcse textiles coursework help You already know what tennis is, but did you know it’s a great fat burning activity? Just picture all the famous tennis players you know of and you’ll realize they usually have little to no extra fat on their bodies. In just an hour of tennis, you can expect to burn at least 470 calories, depending on how intensely you play. An added bonus is it requires very little special equipment and is fun no matter what level you’re at.


(All calorie counts are based on a 150-lb person)

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