Best Summer Activities to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle- Part 1

Best Summer Activities to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle- Part 1

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share some of the best summer activities to burn fat and gain muscle, and most importantly have fun!

Burn Fat with— Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is tons of fun, and because of the increased challenge of running and jumping on sand, you can burn over 520 calories per hour playing beach volleyball. Many public beaches and parks have nets available to play at for free or to rent by the hour. Bring a ball and sunscreen.


Build Muscle with— Stand Up Padd le Boarding (SUP)

There are lots of ways to SUP, from racing and surfing to yoga (!) or just a leisurely cruise, all with different calorie burns and benefits depending on the intensity. SUP is great for building stabilizer muscles in your core and legs, while your arms, back, shoulders and chest get an active workout from all that paddling. Just doing some recreational paddling with light winds in calm waters will burn up to 400 calories per hour. Most beach areas have paddleboard rentals nearby, and you can take it out for an hour or the whole day. If you decide you love it, you can buy your own paddleboard; they’re not cheap, but if you’re passionate about paddle boarding, it’s well worth it.


(All calorie counts are based on a 150-lb person)

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