Best Post-Workout Recovery Shakes

Best Post-Workout Recovery Shakes

Refueling immediately after a hard workout is critical for building muscle. Your body burned through all of the energy stores in your muscles to get through the workout, and if you don’t feed your muscles with the right balance of protein and carbohydrates within 30 minutes of your workout, you body may start breaking down muscle fibers to feed itself. Here are recipes for some of the best post-workout recovery shakes. For all recipes, combine all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until smooth.

Mint Chocolate Chip


1 scoop chocolate protein powder                                         ½ cup water

½ cup unsweetened almond milk                                         5-6 drops mint extract

A handful of fresh or frozen spinach                                     Ice cubes

1 TBSP pure honey

Calories: 160      Protein: 20g       Carbs: 14g             Fat: 3g


Pumpkin Spice


1 scoop vanilla protein powder                                                1 TBSP pure honey

¼ cup unsweetened almond milk                                           1 tsp ground cinnamon

½ canned pumpkin                                                                    ½ tsp ground nutmeg

½ cup plain yogurt                                                                     Ice cubes

1 ripe banana

Calories: 300      Protein: 29g       Carbs: 35g           Fat: 3g




Peanut Butter Cup


1 scoop chocolate protein powder                                         1 ripe banana

1 cup unsweetened almond milk                                           2 TBSP natural peanut butter

½ cup low fat cottage cheese                                                 Ice cubes

Calories: 485      Protein: 44g       Carbs: 25g           Fat: 21g

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