Best Leg Stretches to Prevent Injury

Best Leg Stretches to Prevent Injury

Squeezing workouts into our already busy lives can be a challenge, and it’s tempting to skip on something like stretching. But stretching plays an important role in your fit lifestyle; stretching not only improves flexibility, but lubricates joints, prevents injury, speeds up recovery and feels great!

Here are some of the best leg stretches to incorporate into your routine:

Toe-Touch (Hamstrings Stretch)

This one is self explanatory: Stand with your feet almost together, legs straight (but don’t “lock” your knees) and bend at the hips to try to touch your toes. Don’t bounce the stretch, breathe into it and hold for 30 seconds.


Flamingo (Quadriceps Stretch)

This stretch feels amazing the day after leg day: Stand near a wall for support, and grab your right foot with your right hand and tuck it behind you, like you’re kicking yourself in the butt. Push your hips forward slightly to deepen the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the other leg.


Calves Stretch

Runners will recognize this stretch: Stand near a wall or bench in a shallow lunge position, and lean forward to stretch the calf muscle of your back leg. Try to keep your heel on the ground for a deeper stretch.


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