Best Exercises to Build Leg Muscles- Quads

Best Exercises to Build Leg Muscles- Quads

The quadriceps, the front thigh muscle, are important muscles to exercise for two main reasons. First, building muscular, well-shaped legs will balance out a good upper body for an overall great physique. Second, because they are a large muscle, you burn more calories when working out the quadriceps than, say, the biceps. Here are some of the best exercises to build up your thighs and quadriceps.

Weighted Lunge (Barbell or Dumbbell)

Choose a weight that’s appropriate for your strength level and how much muscle growth you want (heavier = more muscle growth). For a barbell, hold it on your back across your shoulders, grasping it with your hands. For dumbbells, you can hold them at your sides or add a curl with each lunge to engage your upper body.



Squat with Narrow Stance

Squats are one of the best lower body exercises, and there are many variations. Using a narrower stance doing a regular barbell squat will make your quads work more than a normal squat. Try to squat as deep as you can without letting your knees go past your toes, and use a weight that’s heavy enough to really challenge your muscles.


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