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Best Exercises to Build Chest Muscles

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girl doing homework Building big chest muscles can really balance out your overall physique and make you look really ripped. To build the pectoral muscles that make up the chest, make sure you use heavy weights and do your moves slowly so that your muscles do all the work; if you go too fast, momentum will make the exercise easier, and that’s not what we want for maximum muscle gains. Here are a few of the best exercises to build chest muscles.

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who to write case study If you are comfortable with a traditional barbell bench press, go for it. However, if you want to make your muscles work even harder, start with the dumbbells by your ears with your fingers pointed forward, and twist as you press up so that you end with your fingers pointing back towards your head.

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Use dumbbells or kettlebells and lie on a flat bench. Start with your arms extended straight up holding the weights, and slowly lower them out to the sides until they are even with your chest, then slowly press them back together.


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Add a weight on top of a classic   pushup for a fantastic pectoral workout.

weighted pushup

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