Best Cheap Foods for Protein

Best Cheap Foods for Protein

Increasing your protein intake is important for building big muscles; the amino acids in the proteins are used to repair the muscle fibers that you tear during your workouts, resulting in muscle gain. Without those amino acids, your muscles can’t repair themselves and won’t grow. But some of the best protein foods can be really expensive. To help save your muscles and your wallet, here are some of the best cheap foods for protein.

Canned tuna


Canned tuna is really inexpensive and is a fantastic source of high quality protein. It can also be a source of healthy fats, depending on whether you get tuna packed in water or oil. This fish is also a good source of vitamin D. You can add it on top of a veggie salad straight from the can, or whip up a low carb tuna salad to eat by itself.

Greek yogurt


When Greek yogurt first became popular in the US, there were only a few companies making it and the price was pretty expensive. Things have changed since then, and almost every yogurt company makes some type of Greek yogurt, which is much higher in protein than regular yogurt. You can eat it plain or with fruit and nuts as a snack, cook with it, and use it in place of sour cream is just about any recipe.

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