Best Ab Exercises To Do At Home

Best Ab Exercises To Do At Home

As we’ve said before, having an arsenal of exercises that can be done easily at home with no extra equipment is indispensable for busy people, or people on a tight budget. Here are two of the best abdominal exercises to do at home or on the go.

Bicycle Crunch

This exercise is a classic for abs because it is extremely effective. It works the rectus abdominus (six-pack) muscles, as well as the oblique muscles that pull in your waistline.

Lie down face up with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hands lightly behind your head or neck.

Squeeze your abs to lift your back and shoulders slightly off the floor and extend one leg while pulling the opposite leg in to meet the opposing elbow. Smoothly transition to the other side without returning your feet  or shoulders to the floor, and repeat. Your feet should alternate smoothly like you’re riding a bicycle.



This ab exercise offers a bonus workout to your arms, shoulders and legs as well. It’s one of the best abdominal exercises because it works the six-pack muscles as well as the hard to reach transverse abdominus, one of the key core muscles.

Begin face down resting on your elbows with hands clasped together in front, and legs shoulder width apart. Engage your abs as you lift yourself up onto your toes and elbows. Hold for at least 30 seconds.


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