Avoiding excessive calorie consumption

If your goal is to lose weight the first step you must follow is to take care of your diet, besides doing exercises, the success of your diet is not to stop eating but not to exceed the calories you consume daily. Today we will show you some tips to avoid excessive consumption of calories.

  • Avoid greasy and highly seasoned foods: it is essential to go detoxifying the body try to avoid consuming foods with lots of fat and very seasoned with sauces and condiments, to replace these types of foods the main thing is to ingest grilled foods seasoned with wine White and herbs like rosemary and parsley.
  • Avoid very sweet foods: desserts artificial and soda juices do not help us when we are trying to lose weight since their caloric intake is very high, if you find it very difficult to leave them the ideal is to consume sweetened foods with sweeteners as they represent A good alternative20 for people who can not do without sweets.
  • Do not skip a meal: Eating three meals a day is essential and important to our health, skipping a meal will make you gain weight, our advice is to maintain a balanced diet rich in all food groups and Keep well hydrated. Consume protein in low amounts and use vegetable fats such as olive oil or soy, avocado, almonds, include in your diet cereals and fruits.
  • Perform Exercises: performing a physical activity is essential to be healthy, to lower the extra calories that we consume we have to perform exercises 5 times a week, for periods of one hour daily has been verified the physical activity of moderate intensity helps to lower Weight and burn calories.

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