4 simple routines to increase calves with fast results

We often neglect calf training or simply leave it to the end of our workout routine. If you want your calves to stand out you should start to train it being cool and with all the possible energies add a day to work your calves and perform it with the same intensity in which you do squats.

Today we have 4 simple routines for your calves:

Lifting of heels in press: sit on a leg pushing device attached to the platform and elevate the feet this exercise is excellent for forming the calf muscles by doing so you will feel a pressure and stretching of the calf, remember that muscles grow during Rest and to train the same muscle again you must wait at least 72 hours.

Squats with jumps and dumbbells: you must do this by placing the body in a position to do squats holding a dumbbell in each hand, flexes the knees to lower to the level of the body now jumps with the dumbbells held.

Femoral Curl Exercise: Lying down on your stomach hold a dumbbell between your feet, extend your legs back and then bend them forward. You can perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Extension Exercise: Sitting on the extension machine, place both feet underneath the rollers, raise your legs and descend with controlled movements. Performs 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Stand up with a barbell with weights on your shoulders, place the tips of both feet on a raised surface, then raise the heels and descend to the starting position.

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