3 really good and effective natural anabolic

We must first make clear what are anabolic, an anabolic is a substance that helps to create the formation of macromolecules (proteins for example) through the micro molecules (amino acids in this case), ie, a series of chemical transformations experienced by various cells in our body. There have to be drugs, in this case anabolic androgenic steroids.

Today in the world of bodybuilding people are constantly searching for natural anabolic that do not affect their health, these are supplements and sold freely. For you did not know, increased muscle mass is an anabolic process (anabolism) and fat burning example is a catabolic process (catabolism).

Below are the three natural Anabolic good

Once given the explanation, a good natural anabolic to: maximize the production of various sex hormones, principally testosterone, improve the recovery process and increase the uptake of nutrients by muscle cells, facilitating the process of building muscle glycogen .

These are legal supplements that you can find in any store and generally a good price, that is, they are not expensive.

D-Aspartic Acid

Amino acid found in many foods, which is found mainly in the pituitary gland and testicles, which plays an important role in neurotransmission. The main concern we have in this natural anabolic is that is very important in the secretion and regulation of testosterone, which when taken will increase the synthesis of this hormone.

The use of this supplement has promising results, and even noticing its effects continue after standing use. The dosage range varies from 2 to 5 g daily, may increase the dose training days, especially 30 to 60 minutes before training, such as about 10 grams these days.

Tribulus terrestris

Sexual performance and physical performance are closely related. Tribulus is an ordinary plant, but apparently studies have begun to reveal and is not as common as it apparently increases performance in men.

Apparently, there is a good natural anabolic and also increases sexual desire by increasing the synthesis of DHEA in our body, DHEA besides being an androgen and increase the amount of testosterone, acts as an antagonist of GABA receptors, which improving our recovery.

Also reduces oxidative stress and affects gene expression of antioxidant enzymes. The dose ranges from 500 to 750 mg daily in divided doses during the day. Always trying to get one with a high percentage of saponins, a higher this, better results, try to contain at least 60% of them.

Beta Ecdysterone

As a last natural anabolic (which does not mean it is the worst, in fact it is the best) we ecdysterones beta, which call 20-hydroxyecdysona, is a very interesting new supplement. Its structure is very similar to human testosterone, testosterone plays a crucial role in gaining muscle mass, and this supplement is used for the same purpose, plus it also has anti-fat properties.

It helps promote protein synthesis, ie, gain muscle mass especially if combined with weight training. It also improves recovery, so use after training will lead to better results.

In fact, when combined with a high protein diet, our muscle mass will increase an additional 7% according to Russian studies, further decreasing the fat around 10% more. This supplement works especially well on diets high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates.

It also helps to normalize blood glucose levels.

The dosage to be used varies from 300 to 500mg daily is a good idea to combine it with the DAA for even better results. Like tribulus depending on the setting will be more or less powerful, usually if you buy it tries to always see your%, you must be at least 95%, if it is not (Do not play) or less, not worth worth buy.


These are 3 of the best natural anabolic able to use, there are other good enough DHEA, but did not name them because we’ve talked about this in previous articles, so it would be very redundant.

You can make numerous combos with these types of supplements such as DHEA and DAA some pre-workout and 20-hydroxyecdysona in the post-workout. Normally all these supplements are best absorbed by taking them with some fat and a glass of cold water, so keep this in mind, the small details are often what matters most.

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